Creating content for my blog and YouTube is just a small part of what I offer.

I am involved in several cryptocurrency projects and I am also available for the following.

  • Collaborations
  • Public Speaking (Seminars, Conference Events etc)
  • Sponsored Content (YouTube and website)


I am currently seeking trading groups and signal providers for long and short term collaborations.  If you run a successful trading group and are looking for a new audience, I have an audience looking for good groups!

Collaboration terms are flexible. I typically look  to earn 1 BTC in trading profits within 1 month from a group before advertising to my audience.  Please contact me via Telegram to discuss further

Public Speaking

I’m available for seminars, conferences and crypto meet ups as well as other public speaking events.

Sponsored Content

If you want to me to create sponsored content for your project the prices are as follows:-

Project Stage                        Price (BTC)                   Turnaround

  • ICO/STO/IEO                                0.5                                1 week
  • LISTED ON EXCHANGES          0.25                              1 week

For payment in native coins please contact me for a price.

For more info you can contact me via my contact page on YouTube located here