If you would like to start mining Bitcoin, but you do not have the capital to afford an entire Bitcoin miner then why not enter our miner share? Here you can buy 20% shares in brand new Innosilicon T3-57Th miners.

Priced at $2700 USD per miner, for just $540 you can start mining Bitcoin and receive 20% of the mining profits*

You simply select the number of shares you require in the dropdown below, as well as your contact details and payout address and you will receive a Bitcoin payment link. You are then entered into a pool with the other customers that own a share in that miner, and you will then receive the weekly mining rewards **

All miners are shipping directly to the Mineablock Co-mining facility in Siberia, which is part of the Elevate Group, that benefits from electricity prices of 0.055c per KwH and low temperatures, which combined make perfect conditions for mining Bitcoin more efficiently.

The entire service is subject to a management fee of 20% per miner which makes it easy for anyone to start mining, even if you have zero technical knowledge.

I’ve covered how Mineablock works in this video

For more information, or if you would like to buy 1 or more miners please visit www.mineablock.com however if you would like to buy one or more 20% shares in a miner please fill in the form below

  • *Subject to management fees
  • ** We must first match 5 people per miner, if this takes longer than 24 hours we will return the payment.