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I first become involved in cryptocurrency in October 2016 when I earned some Bitcoin as part of an affiliate marketing campaign I created.  It left me both excited and confused as to what I was to do with it though.

I reached out to a couple of friends, Lee and Gaz and we started to discuss the possibilities of where this Bitcoin could take us. As such we established “The Bitcoin Project” The idea was to split the bitcoin payment between all 3 of us and we would each start to invest in different cryptos in increase our bitcoin stack.

We had very big plans for our bitcoin, and as you will be able to tell from the video uploaded on the 29th of November 2016 we did NOT have a clue what we were doing. Yet with all that said and done, it didn’t stop a video of mine getting nearly 200k views just a few days later when I tackled to the subject of Bitcoin Mining Viability in 2017.

As the weeks went on my partners got bored of the project, despite having some success.

Here’s the coins we invested in

Gaz bought Ethereum @ $7.96 each –went to around $1400

Lee bought Monero @  $8.26 this went to just under $500

I bought Zcash @ $59 and this went to about $880

We all made some money, some more than other and we sort of got bored making videos together so it all fell by the wayside.

Luckily we had amassed a few more BTC together whilst it was $800. This was thanks to an old business that had recently been chopped up and sold off in bits, and left us with some sales from our software arm dropping in. At the time we had arleady closed the business bank account, so rather than turn away paying customers we decide to accept bitcoin.  This would be the first time that I would encouner of the main obsticles in crypto adoption, it is far too complicated to the uninitiated.

In order to take the payments, we had to ask the customer to register with either Coinbase or Bitpanda . After doing so they were instructed to buy $250 worth of BTC then to send that BTC to us.  Every single customer we spoke to had never heard of bitcoin, so it was a tedious process of telling each customer how to do it, and how to send it.  It took about half a day per customer to take the payment, it really didn’t seem like the future of money at the time.

In total we sold 22 software licences for $250 worth of BTC. This was at the end of 2016 to we made about 7 BTC together, and out of that I tucked away 3 BTC that I didn’t really give much thought about until about 6 months later when it would be worth over $10k!

Before the value of Bitcoin went mental, so were some of my other videos on my main channel. You see it wasn’t just my chicken mining video that got a lot of views. Over on my main YouTube channel I had a video of me trading on IQ Option go semi-viral clocking up nearly half a million views.  As such I didn’t really know where to focus my YouTube efforts, on the one hand I was making enough to get buy trading options, on the other hand crypto was about to pop.

In the end, I decided that due to the fact that 90% of the brokers in the options game were scams, and that it carried a huge risk, I would swap one big risk for another.

So in June 2017 I made my last video on trading binary options, and little did I know it, but I was just around the corner was the biggest financial rollercoaster of my life, the 2017 crypto bullrun!



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