Energi Cryptocurrency

In January 2019 I learned about a fledgling cryptocurrency called $NRG that had a radical approach to the crypto space.

Led by bitcoin enthusiast and early advocate of crypto on YouTube Tommy World Power, the Energi project is one that is gaining notable traction of late and its easy to see why.

In previous videos I have explained how Energi is a heavily modified fork of Dash, adopting and improving upon their famed masternode and treasury structure that saw Dash becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which at its peak had a market capitalisation of just under $12bn dollars.

However, it seems plausible that $NRG could soon surpass $DASH, which at the moment boasts a $1.5bn market cap vs $NRG sitting around the $100m market cap region. This would represent a staggering 15 x ROI from todays date, and an eye watering 100x ROI should it surpass the previous all time high of $DASH.

But why would it? Well the secret to the current success of Energi is their incredibly deep pockets made possible by one of, if not THE most powerful treasury in the crypto space. Which at present brings 400k NRG valued at $2.2m a month based on $5.71 per coin.

Take a look at this chart that shows how even though $NRG has a far smaller market cap that $DASH, their treasury has far more value than not only $DASH but also DECRED and PIVX

Now before you let wild ideas run off in your head about how that treasury is appropriated, it’s 100% decentralised and the masternodes vote on how those funds are used. This really is a powerful tool, as it allows the project to easily afford exchange listing fees, pay developers, cover the ongoing marketing costs and general operating costs. Unlike your typical ICO project that has a constantly depleting war chest, that runs dry after a few months causing the token price to tank.

Staking and Masternodes

Now Energi haven’t overlooked one of the most important factors to being a successful cryptocurrency, and herein lies one key factors. Rewarding the community! Depening on how flush you are you can either spring for a masternode that is currency paying around 82% return

Or if you don’t have enough for that you can also stake your coins in the Energi wallet, which is incredibly simple, you just open the wallet, LEAVE IT OPEN AND CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET and it´ll sit there earning you somewhere around the 62% region

The team and Energi don’t stop there, you can also join their highly active discord server and benefit from Energi Rain, which is where admins offer free $NRG coins to users 24/7, so if you can’t afford any $NRG right now, head over there and get active in the community. Free coins aren’t new to Energy either, they offered up millions of their tokens in their earn drop program earlier this year that rewarded community members for sharing about Energi on social media, that earn drop at todays value is worth over $500 so don’t miss out this time around on the rain. You can check that out by clicking the image above

Energi Roadmap Additions

By the end of 2019 Energi aims to match all of Ethereums capabilities, whilst still retaining their strong treasury, masternodes and governance systems. With ETH 2.0 being promised within a similar timescale it will be interesting to see which project the crypto sphere embraces. However one thing that ETH 2.0 can´t compete with is the Energi incubator program, which is where they will be offering grants to some of the most promising blockchain dApps that choose Energi.

Last but not least is the addition on the roadmap for “Energi X” a zero fee futures exchange that could steal the limelight from Digitex Futures, who pioneered the idea in 2018 but have failed to yet get theirs launched, could Tommy and his team beat them to the punch? Time will tell.

If you want to buy $NRG you can do so from the exchanges listed here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/energi/#markets


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