Crypto Love Capitulates

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On November 30th 2018 Randall Trzaska form the popular YouTube channel Crypto Love said his farewells, in a video simply entitled “Goodbye”. 12 months earlier I had met Randall in Warsaw Poland on a visit to social media influencer agency Indahash.

It has to be said, meeting Randall was the highlight of my trip.  Back then, I was the beard and he was the stubble, but a few months later, in a completely uncoordinated effort, we would swap beardy faces.

I had just come back from the offices of Indahash, when this guy with a woolly hat stepped out the back of a 1940´s Warsaw tour van, looked me right in the eye and said “Dude I saw your video the other day and it was funny as hell” I thought to myself “I´m gonna like this dude”.

We moved on to a few locals bars then went on to a panic room attraction that was like something from the Saw movies. After this, we headed out for a meal with the Indahash team and other YouTubers Crypto Ellis and Tiziano Tridico  . Then it was onwards to a strip club, where I bid my farewells and I was never to see Randall face to face again, but we would keep in touch and appear on co-streams further down the line.

Sadly for me, this trip was where I broke my sobriety of 4 years, a concern that I had bubbling away at the back of my mind when I accepted the offer on an all expenses paid trip to Poland.  However I accepted the offer solely with the intention of networking with other crypto youtubers, as I had been in the space alone for the previous 12 months.

With all of this in mind, I was really sad to see Randalls video, but I totally get it.  He says around the 2 minute mark that the best week that he had in 2018 was when he took a week off from crypto.  This is something I can relate to massively as my best time was when I was in rehab for a month, which I spoke about in My Crypto Rollercoaster post.

The funny thing is, if you had asked me or anyone else in the 2017 bull run if crypto was stressful or hard work, we would have let out a big belly laugh and just rubbed our hands. Back then you could just refresh blockfolio and you would probably be $20k richer over and over again.

The problem though with the bear market of 2018 is that it has been a slow bleed over an 11 month period, and as we approach Christmas 2018 I’m sure Randall and many others are seriously considering how hard another year of this winter would be.

I can´t help but feel there´s a little more to Randalls story, on a previous video he was saying how he was being hacked. He explained in this video that he realised he was being hacked via the common sim card hacks that saw accounts from several American influencers become “compromised” over the last year. As such I can´t help wonder whether someone got the better of him, and he just thought to himself “fuck this” or it could be that this what crypto capitulation looks like, and it was merely the straw that broke the camels back in the case of Crypto Love.

Whatever the reason, I´ll personally be sad to see a popular face in the space lose faith and move on, but he does leave his viewers with some hope by saying maybe he’ll be back with new videos that simply aren’t “crypto news” however judging by the cheesed off look in his face, I get the impression he’s done for good.  With all that being said and done, you have to respect the mans choices, so hats off to you dude, thanks for the vids and good luck with what the future hodls.


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