Creating content for my blog and YouTube is just a small part of what I offer.

I am involved in several cryptocurrency projects and I am also available for the following.

  • Collaborations (JV’s with other content creators)
  • Public Speaking (Seminars, Conference Events etc)
  • Project Advisory (See below for details)
  • Sponsored Content (YouTube and website)


If you are a fellow marketer/influencer and are interested in some form of collaboration, whether it be to join a panel, be part of a co-stream or  if you are interested in a JV on any sort then hit me up via my contact page on YouTube *please note* I’m not interested in ICO/STO collaborations, if you are an ICO/STO please see the “Consulting/Advisory Services” Section.

Public Speaking

I’m available for seminars, conferences and crypto meet ups as well as other public speaking events. For more information on my terms please contact me via the contact page using the link at hte bottom of the page.

Consulting/Advisory Services

I’m available to hire as an advisor/consultant to ICO’s, STO’s and CryptoCurrency Projects.

I consider all genuine projects subject to an initial assessment at a cost of €499 payable in either cryptocurrency EURO

An assessment includes: –

  • Whitepaper Feedback
  • Tokenomics Feedback
  • Red Flag/Concerns Highlighted
  • 1 hour Video Conference
  • Improvement Suggestions Proposal

Following an initial assessment I can be available for hire by the hour or full time as a listed project advisor subject to terms.

Sponsored Content

If you are looking to reach a cryptocurrency audience and have a project, event, ICO/STO or service that adds value to the space then please get in touch.  I do not charge for sponsored reviews on YouTube, however I am happy to consider mentioning projects on my blog and/or YouTube channel following an assessment, as per the pricing above and I am happy to accept donations in native coin.

For more info you can contact me via my contact page on YouTube located here